Oddball Set of the Month: 1986 Fleer Baseball’s Best

The 1986 Fleer Baseball’s Best set was one of many mini boxed sets that came out in the mid to late 1980’s.  Topps may have started the fad with their infamous K-Mart set in 1982, but Fleer soon became the unofficial “King of the Boxed Sets”.  They pumped out a bunch of very forgettable sets in a span of only -a couple of years.  The 1986 Baseball’s Best set stands out for a couple of reasons.  One reason is it actually has a nice design.  The other reason is the list of rookie cards in the set.

The 1986 Baseball’s Best set is composed of 22 Hitters and 22 Pitchers.  Of the 44 total cards, 17 are now Hall of Famers.  The set also includes rookie cards of Wally Joyner, Jose Canseco, Will Clark, and Bobby Witt.  Overall, it’s a fun little set that holds plenty of nostalgia for guys like me.  For the price though, I think everyone should have a set.

Take a look and judge for yourself…







Who Remembers Star Co?

Though they are known more for their 1980’s basketball sets, Star Co produced 130 different MLB sets between 1983 and 1993.  They also had a minor league license to print sets for 1988-1990.  The majority of their MLB sets focused on one player and covered their career up until that point.

Quality wise, they are not too bad.  Star used some decent photos and the card stock is pretty solid.  The borders may be tough for some collectors to get past.  Their choice of colors can be “interesting”.

Most sets were “limited”, though the cards themselves were not numbered.  The numbering was on a sticker on the snap case that the set came in.  I threw my cases away.  It really won’t affect the value because these cards have retained minimal no value.  Some sets had promos that were limited to 100.  Those can still cost a couple bucks but nothing serious.

To me, I think the sets are kind of cool.  They can be so cheap!  A $2 set of 25-year-old Wade Boggs or Roger Clemens cards is an easy choice for me.  But then again, I love all things baseball…

1991 Wade Boggs Platinum #842/1000


1991 Roger Clemens Platinum #812/1000


1991 Cal Ripken Home Run #1119/1500


1991 Barry Bonds Home Run #1102/1500


1991 Frank Thomas Home Run #1101/1500


Oddball Set of the Month: 1984 Ralston Purina

The 1980’s and 1990’s produced some amazing cards.  Some have remained popular while others have been all but forgotten.  It’s those forgotten sets that I like to collect.

This month’s set is the 1984 Ralston Purina set.  Topps made this set available in boxes of cereal like Cookie-Crisp and Donkey Kong.  Specially marked boxes contained packs of three cards plus a checklist.  One of the things that makes this such a cool set is that out of the 33 cards, 19 of them are Hall of Famers.  Considering you can buy a complete set now for about $5, this set is tough to beat.