4 Box Break of Topps Archives Snapshots

I treated myself on Black Friday to four boxes of 2016 Topps Archives Snapshots.  Topps.com had some great deals and I just couldn’t resist.


Topps only made 5000 boxes of this online exclusive set.  Every box of Snapshots contains 12 cards (10 base, 1 black & white, & 1 autograph).  The auto checklist has some big names so I was hoping to hit something good.

Box 1


Steve Garvey Auto #79/100

Box 2


Luis Severino Auto #17/100

Box 3


Brian Johnson Auto #10/350

Box 4


Carlos Correa Black & White Auto #5/10

This set has a reputation for bad collation but in four boxes I got 40 different base cards.  I’m definitely going to track down the last 10 cards and finish the set off.  I’m also very happy with my black & whites.  Two Red Sox cards including a very sharp looking Yaz.  If these were printed evenly, and as far as I know they were, there should only be 100 of each.  As for my autos…WOW!  Carlos Correa auto numbered out of 10!  Sweet!  I consider Garvey an all-time great so that’s a nice addition.  Severino has a ton of talent and should be better this year.  I didn’t really need another Johnson auto (see my last post) but I’ll always take another Red Sox auto.  Overall, extremely happy with my four boxes.


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