Enchanted Village Holiday Party with the PawSox

Living in Rhode Island does not have many perks.  Outside of the beaches, restaurants, and Fall foliage, there is not much going on.  Providence Bruins games are fun and all, but I’m a baseball fan, not a hockey fan.  For me, the best part of living here is the Pawtucket Red Sox.

This past Saturday, the Paw Sox hosted their 2nd Annual Enchanted Village Holiday Party at McCoy Stadium.  This free event gave fans access to home and visiting clubhouses, dugouts, and suites.  A huge Christmas tree was set up on home plate so folks could go out and take pictures.  Not only did kids receive a present from under that tree, but they were also able to take batting practice in the home batting tunnel.

There were two things my son and I enjoyed the most.  One of our favorites was the “Red Sox Virtual Reality” which was set up in one of the suites.  This totally immersive experience gave us a 360 degree look around Fenway.  It was very cool!  It’s nearly impossible to explain exactly how cool it was to watch Mookie Betts and Hanley Ramirez hit bombs with the VR headsets on.

Our other favorite was getting to meet Red Sox / Paw Sox pitcher Brian Johnson.  We are both baseball junkies, so meeting players is always cool.  We also collect autographs together, both in person and through the mail.  This was a perfect opportunity to add to the collection.  We got there at the beginning while it was still quiet.  Brian was real nice and happy to sign a bunch for us…

An assortment of Minor and Major League cards
2016 Stadium Club 5 x 7
Great looking signature on an Official Major League Baseball

We both had a lot of fun at the event.  By the looks of it, we were not the only ones.  It was great to see that even with the season being months away, the Paw Sox were still thinking of their fans.



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