Get In The Holiday Spirit With Topps

I figured that my card buying for 2016 was just about done.   The last few sets that are scheduled to trickle out before the 2017 cards show up do not really blow me away.  Then I saw a preview of the new Walmart exclusive Baseball Holiday Box.  Now that looked interesting.

The base design for 2016 was already one of my favorites.  Mixing in some snowflakes for a holiday themed set seemed creative and most importantly fun.  The checklist for the set looked good too, so I caved in and picked up a box.


Ten packs for just under $20 seemed fair, especially with the guarantee of one hit and 5 Metallic Snowflake parallels.  Granted, the odds of pulling a big name auto aren’t very good, but this is not meant to be that kind of set anyway.  Time to do some ripping!

Overall, I think the cards are nice.  They definitely have a Holiday look and feel to them.  I was expecting a little more from the Metallic Snowflakes though.  I thought they would be more like Topps Chrome.  It turns out they are just regular cards that have bumpy glittery snowflakes.  That’s OK though, they are still pretty cool.  I enjoyed opening the packs and I think I did pretty well.  Take a look…




Here are some of the base cards that I pulled…




I may pick up another box for myself if I get a chance or maybe just pick up a set from Ebay.  Either way, I hope Topps continues to be creative and produce more retail exclusive sets like this one.



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